UK Choir Tour 2016

In May/June 2016 Project Zulu brought their first ever community choir to the UK.

The choir was made up of 4 children from each of our 6 partnership schools in the Madadeni Township. The choir of 24 travelled to the UK with their teachers where they toured for just over 3 weeks.

As with all of our choir tours, the Project Zulu team and our wonderful supporters worked hard to raise the funds which enabled the choir to travel to the UK. This meant that every penny the choir raised whilst touring was sent straight back to their township schools.

Whilst on tour the choir visited multiple schools across the country to share their Zulu musical talents, they also performed at concert venues, busked in cities and enjoyed ample sight seeing opportunities.

The money raised during the tour has been divided equally amongst the schools to contribute towards the following school development projects:

Sithobelumthetho Primary - purchase and installation of interactive whiteboards in their classrooms

Mntimande Primary - school computers for IT lessons

Siyawela Primary - more books for their school library

Jobstown Primary - more books for their school library

Sipheni Primary - improve outdoor play facilities

Umcebowolwazi Primary - school computers for IT lessons

Project Zulu would like to say a huge thank you to everyone in the UK and South Africa who supported our 2016 tour and helped make it such a success. News of individual school developments will be announced as their projects progress over the coming months.

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