UK Choir Tour 2015

Another tour, another huge success! Project Zulu would like to say a big thank you to every single person who supported the choir during their tour.

The 2015 Choir touched down in London Heathrow on the 14th September and began singing immediately in the airport. From this moment on they couldn’t be stopped! Whether in schools, on the coach, in the streets, backstage or having their lunch the choir never stopped singing and dancing.

During their three and a half weeks touring the UK the choir visited umpteen schools to share their musical talent, learn, play, laugh and interact with some very lucky school children. The choir performed in concert halls, rugby pitch, school halls, city centres, in Rugby World Cup Fanzones, on TV and radio. Every time this incredibly talented young choir opened their mouths people were stopped in their tracks by the choirs extraordinary talent and infectious smiles.

Thanks to the support from the all of you who came to watch, bought their 2016 Tour Album, donated via text or online, offered us your time or venue and especially to those families who opened their homes to look after the children, the choir successfully reached their fundraising target of £20,000 during the tour.

When the choir originally set off from Madadeni to travel to the UK the aim was to fundraise to build more classrooms at Sithobelumthetho Primary School in order to help reduce the high numbers of children per class. However whilst touring the UK the school received some very exciting news from the department for education in South Africa who announced that Sithobelumthetho Primary School would be one of a handful of schools in the Madadeni district which would be upgraded with new facilities including some new classrooms. This is wonderful news for the school as the need for new classrooms is long overdue however it leaves Project Zulu with a happy conundrum about how to now spend the money raised from the tour. Mr Gina, Principal of Sithobelumthetho, will be consulting with his staff and governors and then with Project Zulu over the coming weeks to agree the schools next priority for development.

We’ll be reporting back on the exciting development at Sithobelumthetho as soon as decisions have been arrived at.

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