School Fundraising

Whether you’re raising money to help bring the Project Zulu Choir to your school or you simply want to support our work, here we have plenty of ideas to help you reach your fundraising target!


Art competition – create your own masterpiece. Put all artwork on display for one night only offering parents the opportunity to buy your art.


Battle of the bands – an opportunity for bands to showcase their talent and wow the audience. Charge 50p entry for all fans.


Coin trail – bring in your loose coins and lay them on the ground. See how far you can trail them around the school.


Disco – a classic fundraising event. Dance the night away to your favourite songs and help Project Zulu while you do it!


Egg decorating – hard-boil your eggs and go wild with the decorations. Line them up for a judging competition or hide them around your school for a treasure hunt.


Fashion show – put on your glad rags and show off your stylish flair or approach local shops to provide clothes to promote. Charge audience members to enjoy the show.


Give it up! – choose to give up your favourite food, drink, toys or bad habits for charity. Be sponsored for every minute, hour or day that you last.


How? – how many sweets in the jar? How much does cake weigh?


International Day – expand your knowledge of other cultures, research and create food, clothes, dances to replicate your chosen countries. Expand your day into the evening inviting parents to enjoy your food and entertainment.


Jailbreak – the modern day murder mystery game. Team up with friends, pay to enter. Try to solve the series of logistical problems before anyone else to break out of jail and win the prize


Kings and Queens – dress up like royalty for the day, choose traditional English or even a Zulu Warrior King! End the day with a royal parade for all parents to enjoy.


Lunch – show off your culinary skills and host a lunch for parents and members of the community. Pay to enjoy the pupils cooking.


Marathon – not just your average marathon, why not try a dance-a-thon or skip-a-thon. Get sponsored by your friends and family to see how long you can last.


Non–uniform day – enjoy wearing your own clothes or even dress up for the day following a chosen theme.


Obstacle/orienteering race – set up a course or set of orienteering challenges and see who finishes first.


Photo competition – forget the selfies and get creative with a camera. Take your best photo of your favourite landscape, flower, animal or sunset. Why not team it with the Art Competition and put your photos up for sale as well.


Quiz – put your knowledge to the test by holding a quiz for all to enjoy. Pay per team entry with a prize for the winners.


Raffle – donate your own prizes, approach local shops for gifts or even make your own unique prizes to won in a Project Zulu raffle.


Sports Tournament – pick your schools favourite sport, encourage teams to sign up and pay to play.


Tuck Shop – don’t forget to include a tuck shop at any of your school events. A brilliant and easy way to raise extra funds.


Unwanted gift sale – bring in all of your unwanted Christmas or Birthday gifts and sell them on for charity.


Vintage – go back in time and dress up as an era of your choice


Walk – go for a sponsored walk. Make it big by adding a twist, be joined to a partner or walk in fancy dress.


X-Factor Competition - hold your own live X-Factor competition with a judging panel to choose the winning contestant.


Youth Club – host a Friday night youth club for the pupils to enjoy playing their favourite games together or watch their favourite film. Pay to join in and enjoy some tasty snacks from the Tuck Shop!


Zulu day - an entire day dedicated to learning about Zulu art, dance, culture and food! Ending with a performance to parents.

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