Our Ethical Principles

1. Our partner schools in South Africa are just that, partners. We consult with them regularly, plan activities with them, follow their lead and respond to the agendas for change and development with which they present us. All key decisions concerning the direction of PZ activities are products of joint decision making.

2. The spirit of Project Zulu is empowerment. All the activities we undertake with our partner schools are intended to enable staff and pupils to take control of improving educational opportunities.

3. The suite of Project Zulu activities includes exchange and overseas travel opportunities for United Kingdom and South Africa based partners.

4. Across all our activities the principal beneficiaries are our partner schools, their staff and pupils. Benefits to other individuals or organisations (e.g. UK partnership schools, UK university student volunteers) are considered secondary to the primary aim of supporting sustainable developments in education opportunities for our partner schools.

5. Knowledge exchange, mutual learning and mutual respect underpin all Project Zulu activities.

6. Project Zulu aims to work in collaboration and accordance with the aims and objectives of local education departments.

7. Project Zulu does not engage in any activities or operate in any ways which disempower, subjugate or disrespect its partners.

Further details are available in Project Zulu's policy documents.