Involve Your School

Request for your school to be involved in PZ 2015

Like what you see? Want your school to have the incredible opportunity to not only watch our talented Zulu Choir but also learn how to sing and dance like a Zulu? As well as performing across the country to raise funds for their Madadeni Township the choir love to spend time with other children and share their talent and passion for their music. During our 2013 tour the choir held multiple workshops at schools mainly across Bristol and the South West but also at schools further afield when the choir was in their town. It offers a unique learning experience for both the Zulu and UK school children not only in terms of music but also culturally and socially. It’s an experience that sticks with the students and the teachers for a long time to come. In order to help fund our workshop days we ask that schools hold a fundraising event in the lead up to the tour, this is often in the form of a non-school uniform day. This money is then used to contribute towards flights and transport costs when the choir are in the UK.

Demand for the choir is extremely high however we do our very best to visit as many schools as the tour allows therefore we recommend that you show your interest early. Please contact us for more information.