Guide to Fundraising

1. Pick something different

Are you known for getting a record time in the half marathon every year? Then set yourself a new challenge, try an ultra run or do something completely different like taking to the sky for a skydive

2. Tap into your talents.

Are you famous for your baking? Then why not hold a bake sale or coffee morning and let others enjoy your tasty treats.

3. Let us know

Once you’ve chosen your fundraising event tell us! We’re here to support all of our fundraisers by helping to promote your event, providing you with Project Zulu resources and sending your fundraising certificate after your event.

4. Set up a Just Giving Page

Project Zulu now have our own page on Just Giving to help you collect those generous donations more easily. Simply create an account for free, enter the details of your event and get sharing! Friends and family can see how much you’ve raised and can donate in just a few simple clicks.

5. Use our donation forms

Prefer to use traditional pen and paper? Then download our Project Zulu Fundraising Form to collect all of those important donations.

6. Don’t forget to collect Gift Aid!

Thanks to Gift Aid, we’re able to claim an extra 25p for every £1 donated but your donor must gift their consent. Ensure they’ve filled out the form correctly providing their full name, address and postcode and ticked the Gift Aid box.

7. Promote, promote, promote.

Don’t be shy! Use our Poster Template to put up around work or in your local pub. Holding an event? Use our Invitations to help spread the word.

8. Use social media

It’s free so why not make the most of it. Tell all your friends and family about your fundraising event of Facebook, twitter, instagram and whatever other latest social media platforms have sprung up.

9. Make it personal

Why have you chosen to fundraise for Project Zulu? What does it mean to you? The more people understand about our work and why you want to support it, the more likely they are to support you and your fundraising event.

10. Health and Safety

Although we want you to have the most fun and success with your fundraising event our number 1 aim is that it’s done safely. If you’re hiring a venue, check the health safety policies with the venue owner. Taking part in a sporting event? Ensure that you’ve sought any required medical advice before taking part. For any event we recommend completing a Risk Assessment to help identify any possible risks to you or your fellow fundraisers. Need help with health and safety advice? Get in touch with the Project Zulu Team.

11. Don’t forget to send us your money raised!

After the excitement of your event don’t forget to send your money to Project Zulu. If you’ve fundraised using our Just Giving Page then your work is done! If you’ve fundraised using the Project Zulu Fundraising form then you’ll need to get in touch with the team to send in your money.

12. RELAX!

After all of your hard work you can put your feet up and visit our website to read all about our projects that your fundraising has helped to support.

For more information about fundraising for Project Zulu visit our Resources page for all ideas, top tips and support.

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