Fundraising Event

Put on a fundraising event

Project Zulu and its many supporters (or Warriors as we like to call them) have completed some weird and wacky fundraising events over the years. Why not become a Project Zulu Warrior by holding your own sponsored event, send us a picture of you and your event to make it onto our website. Here are some of our sponsorship ideas:

*Arts or crafts stall – Show off your talent and sell your own crafts, you could even make and sell your own Zulu inspired jewellery!

*Cake sale – Bake like Mary Berry and sell them to your school friends or work colleagues

*Funny clothes day – We all loved a non-school uniform day at school, why not do the same at work by having a jolly jumper day, silly shirt day or even dress up in traditional Zulu attire for the day!

*Gig night – Already got your own band? Then why not show your fans what generous musicians you are and hold a charity gig

*Hold a concert – Give Zulu song and dance a try or channel your inner Beyonce or One Direction and put on your very own concert for family and friends

*Raffle – get together with friends or local companies and offer some irresistible prizes to be won at a raffle

*Sponsored run/swim/bike ride – You can do it! Pick an event you’ve always wanted to do but could never think of a mad enough reason to do it. It’s us!

*Sponsored silence – see how long you can last without saying a word. Shhhh!

What are you waiting for, join in the fun, become a Project Zulu Warrior and start fundraising!