A-Z of Fundraising Ideas

Project Zulu are never short of an idea or two. See our A-Z guide for inspiration.


Abseiling - Conquer any fears and make that brave way down.

Art Exhibition - Explore your creative side and hold an exhibition to sell or create your own art to display.

Auction - Get the bidding tensions rising and see how much you can sell your old stuff for.


Bingo- Host a bingo night to see who can get a full house.

Bike rides - See how many miles you can clock by pedalling away.

Bungee Jump - Take that scary step off the mark and impress everyone with your bravery.


Cake Sale - Get baking and tasting too.

Come Dine with Me - Challenge your friends to a true cook off.


Disco/ Dance night - Dance the night away and why not add a great theme.


Easter Egg Hunt - Time to hunt down as much chocolate as you can.

Eating Challenge - Your challenge is the food, how much can you eat? Or maybe it is how you eat it! Donuts without licking your lips, apples tied with string and hands behind your back or maybe using your mouth only to find the marshmallows in jelly.


Face painting - Get creative but on your faces, either set up a stall or a competition for the best face.

Fashion Show - Get your best modelling pose on to put on a show. You could model your own clothes or make your own using various materials.


Give it up! - Set yourself the challenge of giving something up for a month, maybe your favourite food or worst habits.

Games night - Unleash the competitive side and hold a games night with lots of activities for your friends.


Horse ride - Away from the traditional bike ride, see how many miles you can go with a trusty steed.

Head Shave - Start a new trend and go all out for a shaved head! Or if you feel that is too far, why not start with your legs.


International evening/ day - Have a cultural day whether it is South African or not, embrace different clothes, food and games.


Jumble Sale - Have a clear out and see what you can shift.

Jewellery making/ selling - Create your own jewellery or find a lovely collection that you would like sell.


Karaoke night - Get into the groove and let your hair down. Who knows who the secret star will be?


Ladies or Lads night - Leave the family at home and have an excuse to hold a typical ladies or lads night.


Marathons - Push yourself to the limits and have a marathon of your choice. Whether it’s dancing for 12 hours, skipping non-stop or bouncing away with a trampoline-a-thon. Or follow in the footsteps of a professional and ride your way to the end.


Name the… - Why not just have the chance to guess and win! Have a teddy, mascot, car or anything and give everyone the chance to guess the correct name from a list.


Obstacle race - Use all those muscles and create some tough challenges for your friends to stuck in the mud!


Pancake party - Why wait for one day a year? Get the frying pans flipping and have competitions or sell them with tasty treats.


Quiz - Challenge the competitors with some tough questions. Mix it up a bit and experiment with different rounds you could have, maybe a music round or a true/false round.


Raffle - Collect a selection of prizes and see who the lucky winners will be.

Run - Push yourself to go that one mile further whether it’s doing a 3 mile race or a marathon to reach your goal and fundraise hard. Why not try fancy dress!


Sports day - Don’t just leave it at school, why not get everyone involved in a sports day, adults and children. Or hold a tournament for your favourite sport.

Super Heroes - Everyone loves a hero! You could host a super hero’s party or just dress up as one. If you are feeling like a challenge, be a hero for the day and help people out.

Skydive - Feeling like a daredevil? Explore your adrenaline side and take the plunge out the plane to raise some jaw dropping money.

Sweepstake - Place your bets, where you feel confident and arrange a sweepstake. It might be the football leagues, the realty TV show winner or just something relevant to the office.


Treasure Hunt - Find the X to discover the hidden treasure. You could work as a team with co-ordinates or orienteering to help you find the treasure.

Tuck shop - Fancy being a shopkeeper for the day? You could run your own tuck shop or even make some tasty treats to sell.

Tug-of-war - Find out who will be the strongest team!


Uniform-free day - Scrap the uniform and wear what you want. Better yet, dress up as crazy as you can.


Vintage - Turn back the clock to whenever you would like and live like that time for the day. You could dress up, have a party or dinner, eat the food and carry out activities like that time.


Wax - Brave the pain and become tough to take on a wax.

Wear it - Step out of the norm and wear something ridiculous to an event or day.

Walk - If running isn’t your thing then why not take the challenge of a walk? Maybe a mountain or something to conquer your fears like a high bridge.


X-Factor Competition- Unveil the new singers and new bands and have some fun performing in order to compete for the top spot.


One-Year challenge- Push the boat out and see if you can do something for a whole year! With 365 to play with you could upload a funny picture every day or try something new every day.


Zumba marathon- Get into the groove and a Zumba day or Zumba party. Make a stand and organise a Zumba flash mob.

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