Township Technology

The Principals from our 6 Madadeni partner schools have identified IT as a key area for teaching and learning development and we have responded by beginning a support programme to help teachers maximise the use of computers as learning tools.

Jobstown Primary School had previously received a donation of laptops however they hadn’t received IT training, leaving the school with a collection of useful kit but not enough knowledge or confidence to use them in lessons.

To help Jobstown teachers and pupils get the most form the hardware they have, Project Zulu have worked with students and academics from the Department of Computer Science and Creative Technologies at the University of the West of England in August 2016 and 2017. Together they offered a range of support to enable Jobstown teachers and school leaders to take ownership of their IT provision and maximise access to computers for their pupils.

As well as supporting with IT infrastructure the teams also provide basic IT literacy training for teachers and worked closely with a small group of IT ‘Champions' among the staff. These Champions receive additional training to build on their existing knowledge, enabling them to offer basic IT support to other teachers.

Technology holds the key to many life opportunities for young people the world over and Project Zulu are aiming to build on Jobstown’s IT development through future volunteering projects and work with our other Madadeni partner schools to identify their individual IT needs and provide similar, tailored support.

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