Township Engineering

As part of discussions with the Principals from our 6 partner schools in Madadeni, it was identified that some of the schools are subject to water shortages during their dry season.

Siyawela Primary is one of the more rural schools that we work with. Both the school and its surrounding area can often be effected by poor water supply due to their isolated location, this includes the homes of staff and pupils. The school can sometimes be without water for several days meaning that the pupils can become dehydrated, this also makes it very difficult for the school to provide the pupils with cooked lunch which for some can be their main meal of the day.

Water shortage also prevents the school from growing its own vegetables and maintaining the school grounds. Siyawela currently has water collection tanks in place however they aren’t being used to their full potential.

Project Zulu worked with 2 students from the Faculty of Environment and Technology at the University of the West of England who spent 1 week in Siyawela Primary School in August 2016 to research ways in which the school could collect and harvest its rain water safely for them to use as drinking water during the dry season.

The UWE students conducted a World Health Organisation water survey and have produced useful plans that Project Zulu are aiming to implement to support Siyawela Primary and Jobstown Primary, another of our partner schools subject to unreliable water supply.

After the completion of a second survey in August 2017 this project will be continued in 2018 with further support from students and academics from the University of the West of England.

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