2016 Choir Tour, a roaring success

Our summer began early when in mid-May the 2016 Project Zulu Choir touched down at Heathrow Airport to begin their 4 week UK fundraising tour.

We work with 6 schools in the Madadeni Township, South Africa and for the first time ever we formed a community choir involving children from all of these schools. We were excited to see if this new format would prove successful, and we weren’t disappointed!

With musical talent in abundance, it didn’t take long for these inspiring young performers to be stage ready. The children rehearsed together with their choir leader, Thulani Phukathi, and perfected every Zulu dance move and musical note. By the time they arrived in the UK they performed like true professionals; you would never have guessed such a talented choir had been rehearsing on a patch of yellow grass behind a school carport in Madadeni for only a few months.

The choir made up of 26 boys and girls toured the UK with their school Principals and performed in famous concert venues, at music festivals, busked in city centres, sang live on the radio, gave singing and dancing lessons to school children across the country and so much more. Some of the children’s favourite memories were performing live with the London Community Gospel Choir, singing to thousands on the pitch at half time of a Bristol Rugby game and being centre stage for a whole night performing to an electric crowd at St George’s concert venue in Bristol.

It wasn’t all work for the children as they also had time to enjoy the sights in London, take their first dip in the (very cold!) sea, enjoy boat rides, science days and a Bristol rugby game. The choir made new friends in abundance during visits to schools and enjoyed spending quality time with their wonderful host families.

Watch a short video of their tour activities here.

As with all of our choir tours, Project Zulu fundraised to cover the cost of the tour in advance of the children arriving in the UK. This meant that all the money raised on tour (a whopping £18000) can be sent directly back to the Madadeni schools to support their individual development projects.

Read more about each of the schools development plans here.

Project Zulu would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who supported our 2016 Choir Tour. Whether you donated money or time, hosted children, attended concerts, supported with food, shook buckets, handed out flyers, shared our tweets and Facebook posts and any other means of support. You have all helped to improve the educational facilities for over 6,000 pupils in the Madadeni Township.

No choir tour would be possible without the tremendous support of our host families who opened their homes to 26 children and their principals and for almost 4 weeks fitted their lives around the tour. Project Zulu thinks you’re wonderful, thank you!

We would also like to say a special thank you to the University of the West of England who supported our ambitious plans for this year’s tour.

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